How Team NEOM are using their Precious Essential Oil Blends

Posted by PR Neom, May 14, 2021

How Team NEOM are using their Precious Essential Oil Blends

Four BRAND NEW Essential Oil Blends are always going to cause a stir with team NEOM, but when they’re completing our collection of magic six, that’s cause for serious celebration. It’s safe to say we’re obsessed with these precious blends, for their AMAZING scents that make our homes smell dreamy and their really luxurious feel. But you can’t use all six at once (we would if we could!) so here’s how team NEOM chose which one to reach for.

Jasmine, Bergamot & Geranium Essential Oil Blend 10ml


Jasmine, Bergamot & Geranium is my go for something a little ‘extra’ on a rainy hump day. When WFH it fills my little study and turns it into an uplifting secret garden.” - Lucy G

Why it works: The three hero oils in this blend are picked and produced using the best possible methods to give the purest oil. And with bergamot coming from Calabria in Italy, balanced out by sweet mimosa oil and floral geranium, you can’t help but feel transported. These oils have relaxing properties too so it really helps give you that blissful feeling.


Black Pepper & Bergamot Essential Oil Blend 10ml



Black Pepper & Bergamot gives me that boost when I want to feel on top of my game, I love that I can use it while I’m working from home and have a big meeting. One little perk of being at home!” - Jodie L

Why it works: Warming pepper is totally balanced out with the woody, sweet and nutty aromas of bergamot, cardamom, cypress and nutmeg, with the result being harmony in a bottle, with serious power.


Ylang Ylang, Vetivert & Tonka Bean Essential Oil Blend 10ml


“Ylang Ylang, Vetivert & Tonka Bean is the blend I reach for when I need to switch OFF my work/daytime/on the go brain and switch ON relaxation and fun. I love having this diffusing after a long day, as it give me the boost I need to actually be present and make the most of my mid-week evenings.” Natalie B

Why it works: Having something that helps you make that mental switch is SO important, and giving yourself a really luxurious moment while precious scent fills your room is our favourite way to do it.



Tuberose, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Blend 10ml


“Tuberose, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang is my precious blend for setting the mood on a Friday night when the week is done and I’ve got nothing to do apart from reach for a glass of wine and put on a film. I feel like we’ve all perfected the art of staying in and this is my latest obsession!” Louise QW

Why it works: Warm, spicy and sensual vibes from the three hero oils give that rich aroma that’s just irresistible, and so de-stressing.



Orange Blossom & Neroli Essential Oil Blend 10ml


“Orange Blossom & Neroli has made my weekends feel amazing. It’s like being in that little bubble of a perfect day with the papers in the morning and hot fresh tea, followed by a roast. Simple things that just make you feel so good, and diffusion this in my Wellbeing Pod just takes me straight there.” Charlotte M

Why it works: Every little thing about this blend has been chosen for its comforting, uplifting properties, from the sunny vibes of orange blossom to soothing neroli, tuberose and petitgrain.



Grapefruit, Mandarin & Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend 10ml


“Grapefruit, Mandarin, Eucalyptus - or as I’m calling it Saturday morning go go juice! I love that it gives freshness and clarity while we’re doing the dog walk, getting the kids to their clubs and generally nailing all the good (but hectic) weekend stuff.” Charlotte S

Why it works: It’s a little bit of a no-brainer that eucalyptus and grapefruit are brilliant at blowing a breath of fresh air through your mind, but when they’re paired with star anise, uplifting mandarin and fragrant jasmine they’re perfectly balanced to give that feeling you’ve got something special.

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