The making of...

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The making of...

Because there really is nothing more magical than natural wellbeing. Oh, and because we're in LOVE with this season's Christmas!

When we set about creating all the things for our special Christmas collection (from the blends, the boxes, the design, the window displays) our Founder and Creative Director Nicola knows everything we do, make, create, paint and blend MUST always work effectively, smell INCREDIBLE AND look beautiful. Because even though we're all about the hard-working, super-effective wellbeing products, we're all REAL here (and want the newest pretty little thing on our bathroom shelf too)!

This year is all about the magic of natural wellbeing, because this year's journey with our products has really made us have a whole, new-found envy of just how good what nature has to offer, can be. It's precious. It's pure and clean. And it powerfully supercharges your wellbeing. From our Magnesium Body Butter to our Natural Skincare (with ingredients like prickly pear, turmeric root, baobab oil, grape seed oil, acai, coconut fruit, oat powder, jasmine flower, cherry blossom, rose...the list goes on), it's truly magical - so what better way to celebrate than this Christmas. Cue to the 'exploding wreath'.

"Taking the concept of how amazing nature can really be, turning it into something modern and beautiful with our 'exploding wreath' was my favourite part of my job this year." Says Nicola, Founder & Creative Director.

"The design this year is a celebration of natural wellbeing. What nature has to offer is truly magical. So we got (naturally) creative. It's a wreath, BUT a wreath the NEOM way. Which means...beautiful water colour (bespokely hand illustrated using pots of beautiful paints), popping-coloured dried foliage and the wreath exploding! We wanted it to be everywhere - exploding on our website, sitting naturally pretty in the windows of stores and a centre piece in all our stockists too. Every single thing is about giving you that magical gift of natural wellbeing." Says Jodie, Lead Designer.

The hand-painted design was inspired by all the different ingredients we love and have used over this year. We're talking only the BEST pure sparkling plant oils, natural ingredients, expertly blended 100% natural fragrances - delicate yet wondrously powerful which can help you feel calm, relaxed, energised and feeling GOOD.


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