The Things Keeping us Sane in Lockdown Two

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The Things Keeping us Sane in Lockdown Two

There are a lot of things we never thought we’d do this year, and adjusting to a second lockdown is just another thing on a long list of EURGH. Is it just us, or does lockdown feel a little different this time? Back in March we kind of had it down with online games, virtual quizzes and House Party app, but now we are approaching winter and the festive season, these aren’t cutting it any more and actually what we’re feeling is pretty much topping up our self-care cup. So, here are five things we’re doing to make sure self-care (and wellbeing) stays top of the agenda.

Adjust the routine

Aah summer, when we could pop out at pretty much any time to get a dose of vitamin D and take long walks. This definitely feels like something we all took for granted, and when 5 pm feels like midnight, it’s SO important to make time to see daylight. Instead of saving your outdoor exercise or trip to the shops for after work, be really strict about finding half an hour to go outside in daylight hours, no matter how demanding the schedule. You’ll feel the benefits instantly. If you’re working from home, a brisk walk around your neighbourhood before you sit down to start can do wonders for focusing the mind, AND you’ll have had your necessary daily dose of ‘outside’.

Home haven

This time around, Team NEOM is definitely embracing the extra time at home, with little things that make a big difference to your home haven. Katie from our eCommerce team is looking to her Wellbeing Pod for changing up the vibe in her home: “[It’s] always there quietly pumping out amazing wellbeing fragrance, with Focus the Mind for the morning to get me motivated and then Feel Good Vibes in the afternoon for positivity”.

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magnesium body butter

Embrace the long evenings

This time around we can’t sit in the garden, or have long chats with the neighbours over our fences, or stay in the park till 9 pm. But we CAN switch the long evenings into a positive, by embracing the self-care rituals we don’t usually have time for. Sam and Rachael from our eCommerce team are all over this:

“The early dark nights make lockdown 2.0 a little more depressing, so I decided to gift myself a little bit of self-care, Bedtime Ritual, to help me through. The positive of these winter nights is that I don't feel guilty starting early, putting on my pj’s, getting cosy and starting my bedtime routine as soon as the sun goes down! I love lighting the Perfect Night's Sleep Candle by my bed, then massaging in a little hand cream and finishing off with the super nourishing Wonder Balm. The sleepy scent is a dream - sometimes I even struggle to finish the chapter of my book before nodding off!” - Sam

“The product seeing me through Lockdown 2.0 is Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist. With so much anxiety and uncertainty in the world, my sleep has been really suffering lately, but if I spritz this on my pillow and do some mindful breathing (in for 7, out for 11) I immediately notice how much calmer I feel. And come the morning I feel like I've had a much better quality of sleep. It's a total game-changer.” - Rachael.

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Lean in to working from home

Sometimes working from home can feel like a welcome change from commuting, and sometimes it can feel like a test of endurance. If this is you, take a cue from NEOM team members Charlotte and Lucy who swear by the Complete Bliss Reed Diffuser and the Perfect Peace Candle for cosy and uplifting moments in your workspace, whatever that may look like. You just can’t do that in the office.

Watching how you’re nourishing your body while working from home is also key to feeling GOOD – Holly our Campaigns Manager has been swearing by Magnesium Body Butter to relax stiff muscles and combat the effects of moving less.

perfect peace   magnesium body butter

Keep looking for the positive

We’ve been hearing about the importance of staying positive so much lately, and right now it’s especially needed! So when you take that mask off, slick on some nourishing Great Day Wonder Balm like our Customer Marketing Manager Natalie, and turn it into a moment of wellbeing.

Or try really making time for yourself so you have some guaranteed GOOD in your day – Sophie our Marketing Executive has been strict with her Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing Balm routine: “I’ve found all emotions are heightened this time around, and especially because of the dark nights it’s hard not to feel a bit blue, so having that 15 minutes of winding down helps me reset for the evening. It’s that little signifier that the working day is done and I’m set up for a good night sleep, and although we might be in lockdown 2.0, life is pretty good really”.

What your go-to NEOM product that’s helping you in lock down 2.0? Let us know over on Instagram.

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