Who would you rather sleep with?

Posted by PR Neom

Who would you rather sleep with?

One’s a super-floral with lavender at its centre, the other’s a sweet, fruity and fresh chamomile. They’re both excellent at sending you off to sleep, but our bedtime scents have very different personalities. Here’s a run-down of the details to help you choose…

Perfect Night’s Sleep - for deep, refreshing sleep


 The lavender hype

If you’re not only struggling to drop off but struggling with the quality of your sleep too, then a lavender-based aid could be a great place to start. There’s a reason this has been a remedy for years, time and again lavender comes out top in studies showing it reduces heart rate, lowering blood pressure and skin temperature - all essential for sleep.

Sweet basil

Again a great one for quality of sleep, basil is an all-round soother for your body, helping with achy muscles, congested breathing and symptoms of anxiety. Just what you need to drift off...and wake up feeling refreshed.

Floral jasmine

Not only does it smell great, but jasmine has a structure similar to medicinal sleep aids. This is the one that really helps you float away, so the 16 other essential oils in this dreamy blend can work their magic.

Bedtime Hero - to send you off to the land of nod


Chamomile to drop off

The hero of Bedtime Hero, if you will. Chamomile is a natural sedative, so if you’re looking for something to get you to the land of nod, fast, be on the lookout for this wonderfully sleepy oil. It actually targets specific parts of your brain to send you off to sleep.

Ylang Ylang for balance

Another oil that’s naturally amazing at sending you off to sleep, ylang ylang is balancing for your brain, helping you release stress. It lowers your blood pressure, turning a wound-up mind into one ready to drop off.

Cedarwood for serotonin

Cedarwood has very similar qualities to lavender when it comes to promoting sleep, without the floral fragrance. It helps to release serotonin (the precursor to melatonin) which is the signal to your brain to sleep.

Get the benefits

Whichever fragrance you choose, we test and test to make sure our Scent to Sleep products contain just the right amount to be effective. But every sleep routine is different, so we blend the hero sleep essential oils with other 100% natural ingredients that add benefits for you and your body, and let you easily switch products in and out of your evening to inhale, absorb and boost, so whatever you’re doing you can get a sleepy helping hand.


Whether your bedtime routine is fully structured or you’re a dive-under-the-duvet kind of person, you can create a calm, sleepy zone in seconds with a candle, diffuser or Essential Oil Blend. Just place your favourite in your bedroom an hour or so before you go to sleep, and you’ll be surrounded by natural goodness to breathe in and help you drop off.


The hero oils in Perfect Night’s Sleep and Bedtime Hero products work brilliantly with skin-nourishing ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera and marshmallow, so you can get better sleep while using the skincare products or bath and body ranges that you love.


Sometimes a little is all it takes, whether that’s layering a Pillow Mist as an extra on top of a sleepy-fragranced room as part of a whole routine, or whether a slick of Wonder Balm is the little nightstand treat you need to help you wind down. Any sleep toolkit needs the small things you can keep close at hand for when you just need a boost towards your goal of a great night’s sleep.

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