How To Keep Your Mental Wellbeing In Check This Christmas

Posted by Samantha Nice, Dec 15, 2021

How To Keep Your Mental Wellbeing In Check This Christmas

Christmas is often one of the most joyful and magical times of the year for so many of us, but it can also bring feelings of stress, obligation and sometimes even loneliness. In fact, a YouGov survey of 2,109 adults in the UK commissioned by our charity partner, the Mental Health Foundation found that nearly one in three adults (31%) reported that they were feeling anxious or stressed as we enter the festive season. The survey also found that over half (54%) were worried about the mental health of someone they know at Christmas. With this in mind, here are some simple ways we, and the Mental Health Foundation suggest you can look out for yourself and others over the festive period…

For Your Mental Health…

Keep Moving

Cold weather and dark days are not the greatest motivation, but don’t let your usual routine slip too much. Since we all know exercising is great for boosting our happy hormones and making us feel great, try and set asides some time to keep moving. Whether that’s a gym session, yoga class or perhaps just a walk outside to get some fresh air, you’ll be surprised at just how much better you feel for it. You’re also likely to sleep better too.

Be Mindful Of What You’re Eating

We know full well one of the best parts of Christmas is the indulgent food, so we are of course not saying to not enjoy it. What we are saying is that, where possible, try to still eat some well-balanced meals, as a consistently bad diet can have a big impact on how we’re feeling. Try eating a healthier breakfast and lunch if you have dinner plans.

It’s Okay To Say No

Being out of a routine can undoubtedly make us feel a little off, and whilst it can be tempting to say yes to every invite, don’t feel like you need to. Balance those festive plans with some much-needed time for yourself. I think we can all vouch that a night in is underestimated.

Be Kind To Yourself

In a nationwide kindness survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation last year, it was found that only two in five (41%) people in the UK said they actively made time to be kind to themselves. Now more than ever it’s so important to do this for our own wellbeing. This can be as little as five minutes a day, but it can make a big difference. Our favourite? A 20-minute soak in the bath before bed. With our Bath Foam of course…

For Their Mental Health…

Reach Out And Check In

Feeling alone can unsurprisingly be heightened around Christmas so try to make contact with loved ones as much as possible. Thankfully this year we’ll be able to physically see friends and family but a quick message, video call or card in the post can make a big difference to those far away. Know a neighbour or work colleague living alone? Try reaching out to them too.

Give Thanks And Show Your Appreciation

Research suggests that feeling grateful, particularly in response to someone else’s kindness, is associated with greater wellbeing and an increase in behaviours that can benefit others. Take a moment to reflect on acts of kindness from the past year and let others know you’re thankful. Not only can this help increase feelings of positivity for you, it will also give them a boost too.

For more advice on looking after your mental health, visit the Mental Health Foundation website, and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Send A Thoughtful Gift

Here at NEOM, we know that giving and receiving gifts can bring a mood boost on both parts, but don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s the thought that counts. Take time to really think about how the person you’re looking to gift is feeling – sometimes a heartfelt message in a card can mean the most. Each and every one of our gifts is centred around boosting their wellbeing in more ways than one and we have plenty of feel-good favourites which can help with feelings of stress, poor sleep or even low mood or lack of energy. We’ve even taken this a step further this year and have included a Wellbeing Toolkit inside every gift. Intrigued? Read more about it here.